Fabric specifcation


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  • It is spine from the fiber of cotton trees to produce fabric. Cotton is the favorable material worldwide as it most suitable material for garment since reasonable prices, durability, ventilation and appropriate in both winter and summer. However, there are many types of cotton: Cotton 100%, Egyptian Cotton, Jacquard, Cotton Silk, Mixed Cotton…
  • Cotton is soft and easy to use, with high resistance, easy to sew, easy to wash, have high moisture permeability. Cotton fabrics are good air circulation that make we feel cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.
  • Cotton is the most popular material in bedding items because of fitting to any weather condition and bringing comfort feels to the user.
  • However, it should be noted that cotton fabrics are very shrinked after washing. This is a normal phenomenon and fabrics will be beautiful flat back after being ironed.
  • Polyester fibers are often added to cotton to form the CVC fabric to be more durable and smooth,


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  • The fabrics are printed patterns onto the surface after weaving and printed fabrics are smoother than normal fabrics.
  • Fabrics are pattern printed after weaving and dyeing. Some floral fabrics, fibers are dyed initially before woven into fabric.


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  • Egyptian cotton is the common name for long fiber cotton type originated from Egypt (currently, grown throughout the world). This type of cottons are natural gloss, more durable and much softer than other cottons. The long cotton fiber has long been considered the king of cotton types.
  • Short fibers are removed completely during production process, ensuring superior quality of the fabric.
  • Only long fibers cotton are used to produce satin fabrics. Other kinds of cotton are produced normal  of twill woven fabrics.


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  • Jacquard fabric or flowery textile fabric allows weaving sunk patterns on the surface of fabrics, so they are more luxurious and more expensive than flowery fabric.
  • Jacquard fabric is the common name and also called cotton jacquard fabric, silk jacquard or artificial jacquard but the names doesn’t’ mean materials to be used.


[toggle title=”Some synthetic fabrics”]

  • CVC Fabric is made by mixed cotton and polyester fibers in which cotton is major components (cotton has much more ratio than polyester). This would made up wrinkle-resistant fabric, faster color and more durable than normal cotton fabric.
  • TC Fabric is made from cotton, polyester and viscose fiber in which polyester and viscose are major (35% of cotton, viscose and polyester are remaining). This made up a beautiful fabric, water resistant, very durable, fast color and wrinkle free. However, this fabric is not airy as CVC or Cotton. These materials are used a lot in cheap bedding items.


[toggle title=”cotton jacquard”]

  • A type of pattern woven cotton on the fabric surface, made up a high aesthetic fabric.
  • Cotton jacquard is single layer fabric. The patterns are created by modifying weave mode at a certain point on the surface of the fabric.
  • This textile technology is more advanced and more complex than the usual so woven silk fabric (or flowery textile fabric) are also usually more expensive than ordinary fabric and flowery printed fabric.
  • The fabric also called as “Silk Cotton” or “Fiber Cotton”. This called is a mistake that confusing the customer.


[toggle title=”Cotton-silk”]

  • A type of cotton is mixed with high-quality silk material to increase the comfort to the users and more durable but more reasonable price