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The popular bed sizes in Vietnam are 1.2 m x 1.9 m, 1.5 m x 1.9 m, 1.6 m and 1.8 m x 2m x 2m. The uncommon sizes bedding items could be made by order.


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It is measured as the length from the mattress surface to the floor. If bed-skirt is too short against the height of the bed, it would make under the bed to come out, and conversely, too long bed-skirt would be lay down on floor. In case using elastic bed-sheet, the thickness of mattress is should be considered. if the elastic sheet is designed for thin mattress (10cm for example) it can not be covered thick mattress and, the elastic sheet is designed for thick mattress will not be fully stretched on thin mattresses.


[toggle title=”Matches with Interior color”]

  • When buying new bedding items, it should pay attention to choose the bedding items which color, pattern that matches with the wall colors and interior decoration. However, for the 2nd bedding items and later, it could be change plentiful without much attention to the wall color.
  • Bedding color also should be harmonious with other furnitures such as curtains, cushions, rugs, pictures…


[toggle title=”Advice to choose the mattress”]

  • A good mattress should be sufficient stiffness to support the user’s spine column while sleeping. However, sleeping on a hard surface such as the floor is not the best choice, especially when lie on ones’ side. Mattress must soft enough to not cause damage, or at least discomfort for the users. At the same time, a good mattress should also have elastic to help keep your spine in its natural shape when sleeping. Mattress too hard will make bone in shoulder pain. Mattress is too soft will not be assisted spine column and cause strain on the lumbar spine area. However, hardness, softness of mattress is relative, with same a mattress, one person can find very comfortable, but it is too hard for others. Choosing a mattress that suitable to habit and age of the user’s spine is very important.Mattress Pics
  • Due to environment in the stores, customers tend to be hesitant, do not want to try lying long (usually no more than 30 seconds), or just use the hand to press on the mattress to test hardness and softness. Meanwhile a night’s sleep is prolonged from 7 to 9 hours. Therefore, at the store we feel comfortable on test mattress, but not well when using at home and get up with pain. To avoid this situation, the customers should test for a long time to feel the true sense of the mattress.
  • Before choosing the mattress, customers should test the hardness of the mattress at home is to use a comparative basis when choosing the mattress.
  • An important factor is supporting strength of mattress. The suffering of the best mattress will create balance with body weight. If weight is not balanced will cause discomfort and insomnia.For example, air mattress and liquid mattress are poorly supported and not firmly, the mattress is vibrate against body moving.


[toggle title=”Basic structure of mattress”]

Mattress has 3 main layers: core layer, comfortable layer, and the covering cloth.

  • Core layer frames mattress and is main bearing layer of the mattress. Durability and elasticity of the mattress depends on the material of this layer.
  • Comfortable layer is equipped with covering cloth and core layer that supports to adjust the stiffness of soft mattress to fit the body. The layer that has charcoal  foam will be softer and anti-bacterial.
  • Covering cloth is the covering fabric outside the mattress. This layer creates the smooth surfaces for mattress, and helps to increase the mattress aesthetic.


[toggle title=”Spring mattress”]

  • Normally, a spring mattress more than they make and more durable, long-subsidence phenomenon, capable of better protecting the spine and usually will be more expensive. Especially compared to the other types of mattress, spring mattress are often designed to add 1 layer of cotton, foam, or wool on the top of the mattress to create softness, to serve the customer is not used to lying on the hard mattress. This layer is often sewn directly onto the surface of the mattress.
  • Due to the specific characteristics and production of spring mattresses that mattress requires a certain amount of new springs ensures elasticity and strength of the mattress. So please be careful when you choose the spring mattress because it is impossible to buy this kind of good quality spring mattresses but cheap. A cheap spring mattress will be soft due to the inner unstable structure. The spring mattress of this type by using too small, the springs inner structure does not have enough elasticity in the past few months and only use the mattress will be dented. For customers used to using soft mattress can choose a good spring mattresses, foam or cotton are above grade with suitable software, rather than choose a little spring mattress.


[toggle title=”Pressured cotton mattress”]

  • Pressured cotton mattress is produced by squeezing the polyester cotton layer together in high temperatures.
  • Pressured cotton mattress is affordable solution for those who prefer to hard mattress. Due to the cost of spring mattress with its stiffness is equivalent to a significant investment. Pressured cotton mattress has the advantage of affordable, lightweight, strong, durable, and can be transported easilierthan 2 or 3 times
  • However, the pressured cotton mattress also has some defects such as poor elasticity should have been too hard for most people to use, or due to the nature of the hygroscopic cotton, dry longer and stored smell; inappropriate if used for infants.


[toggle title=”Mattress Preservation”]

  • In order to support for deep-set mattress, customers should regularly rotate mattress to help reduce the pressure on certain areas of the mattress, making these areas have time to “rest” to restore elasticity. A conventional mattress should be turned for 1 time every from 3 to 4 months
  • In addition, customers can also buy sheet of “mattress protection” to the top of the mattress to reduce pressure on the padded mattress and kept clean. When it is necessary to wash the sheet of mattress protection, not necessary to clean the entire mattress. The mattress protection sheet made of cotton or foam can also make mattress softer.
  • It is possible to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress surface.
  • It is not oblighed to jump or step on the mattress which will be broken quickly
  • The esteemed customer should change the mattress when there are a lot of depressions, torn surface, as is uncomfortable, achy or as when waking up.